How to dress like a New Yorker

New York City, well documented but difficult to define, especially when it comes to the ‘look’. If you aren’t getting it right then you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. New York men are stylish, sleek and well-groomed, yet aren’t repping the overly trendy outfits you see on some New Yorkers fashion blogs. The true New Yorker has the gift of being able to look pulled together with an effortless look. It’s comfort, with class. The general rule of thumb for any New Yorker is to dress up, but not too much. A New Yorker dresses for comfort but with the addition of a statement piece.

how to dress like a new yorker

New York men are the advocates of a well-tailored and slim-cut shape that can be seen in suits as well as jeans and shirts. The most important thing to a New York man is his shoes, a pair of good shoes will truly dress up a casual outfit.

Functionality should be taken into consideration when choosing your outfit. Your New York style should be interchangeable between day and night, make it office-friendly but chic enough to party at night.

To do this - go for the tailored look. Akief Sheriff is the epitome of New York style in our best selling Percy Cognac Wingtips. 

A fitted two-piece suit might not yell comfort, so ditch the shirt, and opt for a t-shirt, choose a classic overcoat in the winter, and linen suit for summer.




low top sneakers

To really exude the comfort and class motto, choose high quality, low top sneakers. Tristan low top sneakers are constructed in Italy from soft, supple full-grain leather usually reserved for formal pairs, these are the ideal premium sneaker that you should be reaching for when choosing a high-quality sneaker. As seen on Akeif Sheriff, these ultra-plush white leather trainers feel as good as they look. 

Another classic look is the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. New York is home to the world’s most influential stock exchange and some 103 billionaires. We’re not talking Michael Douglas, Christian Bale power suits - the modern broker wears plethoras of blues, browns, and greys, long gone are the days of red suspenders and pinstripe shirts. The shoes that you really need to make a statement with are a pair of slip-on Colemans, a classic penny loafer crafted with premium, hand-selected leather, which makes a comfortable choice for everyday wear, they’re the perfect formal, dress shoe - and will round off your perfectly sculpted New Yorker look. 

If you’re the everyday guy who avoids wearing a suit at all costs then opt for the ‘sophisticated hipster’ look. We’re not talking shabby chic, plaid shirts, or oversized beanies, we’re talking clean-cut and luxurious. New York’s Brooklyn hipster loves layers, allowing him to pile on trend after trend in a single look. Keep a neutral tone, black is your best friend. The main feature of your black on black outfit should be the Max - a practical, yet elegant and brogued mid-height boot. The Max boot will be the perfect finish to your ‘sophisticated hipster’ style.

Gordon Rush will forever boast high-quality, premium men's footwear for the gentleman who knows a thing or two when it comes to city style.

Everyone has their own idea of what the city and its people are actually like. So, take the foundations and build it into your own style identity.