There’s a reason this timeless staple has remained at the forefront of men’s fashion for over 100 years. Wingtip dress shoes are the O.G of brogues, they’ve maintained their status as a beloved, charming dress shoe. The traditionally Scottish shoe is known for its decorated and perforated wingtip, this particular shoe choice was kept for outdoors and sporting, and over the years has cemented itself as a firm favorite for those who know a thing or two about style.

There will forever be a place in every man’s heart for a black leather shoe, they make for a quick-fix solution to busy schedules if you’re an average on-the-go Joe. However, there is one color that should never be overlooked, and that’s cognac.


Cognac wingtip’s not just another brown shoe.

Cognac wingtips are layered with hues of red, grey, brown and beige undertones - the color often elicits glamour and refinement unlike your reserved, yet useful, black and brown shoes.

The Arlo and Percy are perfect examples of wingtip shoes that will enhance your attire. They’re a modern man’s staple built with uncompromising attention to detail and maximum flexibility.


cognac wingtip​ 

 Wingtips are perfect for those days when your sneakers don’t quite cut it. Like the Tristan, both the Percy and Arlo are a solid option for the more casual attire. Place your wingtips with a pair of your finest denim pants, lean toward darker shades of denim to make your shoe the show-stopping feature. It’s a look you’ll inevitably spot in Greenwich Village or Brooklyn - it’s a refined, laid back look for a man who knows true style.

Versatile by nature the Arlo and Percy will become your strongest ally for the less formal occasions: note the rule ‘the more holes in the shoe, the less formal’. Wear them with lighter-toned suits, slacks, shirts, and t-shirts. Don’t be afraid to play around a bit.

Made from hand-treated Italian leather and breathable calfskin lining, these precisely brogued wingtips add a fine point to any look. They’re elegant and truly expressive of what a gentleman is, so make a cognac wingtip a counterpoint to your closet.


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