Take a walk in the shoes of New York's finest CEO's

From Murdoch to Bloomberg - New York boasts itself as home to some 103 billionaires. Some of the wealthiest families are housed in the Big Apple, in the finest apartments, condos, penthouses and towering townhouses in New York. They live high-end lifestyles and while money doesn’t necessarily buy you happiness, it can certainly buy you a premium lifestyle. If you consider yourself to be on the path to greatness, or have some serious aspirations towards owning half of New York’s townhouses, then we suggest you invest a little time into knowing the ins and outs of the greatest CEOs of New York City. This is for those who think, talk, look and act the real deal.
How to dress like a CEO
The house...plural:
Sometimes when a penthouse or mega-mansion isn’t enough, you just have to buy a bunch of apartments and merge them into one. This is the case for some of the top CEO’s in New York. They got creative with their money, creating supersized homes commonly known as Frankenmansions. This is done by purchasing multiple buildings at once, while others end up approaching neighbors and offering multimillion-dollar buyouts, it's a premium lifestyle of a New York businessman after all, and who wouldn’t want their double bedroomed apartment turned into a 4 story home with 15 bedrooms?
  • Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Frankenmansion’ boasts a 7,500-square-foot townhouse made up on five apartment units, with Central Park as his back garden.
  • In late 2016, businessman, investor and politician, Roman Abramovich connected four townhouses on the Upper East Side for a reported $96 million featured with a private garden and full renovation.



If you’re wanting to lead the true luxurious life of a New York billionaire then it takes knowing where it is, that they spend their days off. The Upper East Side holds host to some of the most luxurious hot spots for high-flying execs in New York.
Photo credit: http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/elios/
The real deal of restaurants, white cloth tables and waiting lists, background checks, bank statement scans, all put in place to make sure that you truly belong in this fine dining establishment. It’s a popular old school Italian eatery that will definitely enhance your networking list and have you rubbing shoulders with influential characters who will enhance your chances of reaching the top.
eleven madison park
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$295 prix-fixe dinner, fine decor, fine dining, fine people. That’s all that needs to be said.
If one intends to live the lifestyle of a true CEO, then one must look the part. (We’re not talking Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, we do respect their success, but not their dress, yes they do it for creativity purposes...but they’ve earned that).
How to dress like a CEO | New York
A suit is every man’s best friend, dress for the industry, dress like you’re already the CEO. A CEO should dress above their peers, there’s a certain formality to what one should wear, and how they should wear it. A tailored suit and shirt in blue, black, or grey should always be a staple. Remember to note that businessmen like to do business with other business-looking men.
Always choose quality footwear, an Oxford, leather dress shoe, should come in the same tone, or darker than your suit. Care for them by cleaning, and shining, nothing says low-level employee like poorly kept shoes, keep them looking fresh with a cedar shoe tree. The Nathan black leather cap-toe Oxford is a contemporary take on the classic cap-toe. Made from smooth Italian leather and finished with subtle stitched detailing, they’re the perfect statement shoe for any aspiring CEO.
If you want to be dress like a CEO on the weekend then let your creativity run a little, a classic penny loafer never goes amiss. The Coleman cognac leather penny loafer are the Ivy League mainstays constructed in lightly burnished Italian leather with a Blake-stitched sole and rubber heel for grip. While you brunch and deal with a client on Saturday you can do it in absolute style. 
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