How To Nail The Business Casual Shoe

Playing catch up with the latest trends is always a bit of a daunting task, even more so when you’re attempting to decipher what constitutes as a ‘business casual shoe’. Creativity forever manifests itself in the smallest of ways, in office environments, business events, and dinner parties. We’re talking about a new wave of etiquette...‘comfort with class’ - which has allowed formal sneakers to tiptoe their way into the wardrobes of every self-respecting man of the city.
There’s a never-ending supply of fashionable sneaks that have worked their way into stores. You’re stood, mouth slightly ajar, at the wall stacked with often poorly made, fly-by fashion trends. What do you choose? How do you, a true man of the city flow, establish hype from the style?
It’s easy to be swallowed up amongst the sea of black suits that bustle through the streets day in and day out. Stand out on your subway commute, when you’re in the bar, be the guy who knows what a timeless and understated modern sneaker looks like. Be the guy people admire at work, from marketing to accountancy, there’s a place for the formal sneaker, suss out your work environment and then stand out from the crowd.
Perfection comes in all forms, so, when choosing your semi-formal shoe, maybe break the mold and reach for the high quality, low top sneaker. Effortlessly understated in elegance, low sneakers exude stylish simplicity. Inject some unexpected edge into your everyday business attire, spruce your understated look with a fitted sports coat and well-tailored pants - it’s essential for them to be fitted, we’re wanting to steer clear of bringing back your 90s/00’s look with some overly baggy pants. Buy the sneakers to match your suit, not the other way around, if you have a refined wardrobe, you invest in a refined shoe. It’s a simple rule to follow. When choosing fabric, examine what it is you want your outfit to say.
The low-top Tristan Sneaker is both the athletic and graceful, everyday sneaker that retains an air of nonchalant refinement even in the most refined situations. Available in a variation of colors in leather and suede, the Tristan will set the bar of comfort and class when it comes to the business casual shoe.
Gordon Rush delivers the best work sneakers in a classically, nuanced fashion, and is hand-crafted with Italian leather making it the utterly irresistible dress shoe that low-end sneakers only aspire to be. We’ve taken timeless class and have unapologetically steeped it in the contemporary. Gordon Rush sneakers never pretend to be anything they’re not, they simply exude the same level of confidence as they were made.
Asking yourself how to nail the business casual shoe? The answer: with the Tristan, of course. Shop the Tristan Sneaker.