Color: Bourbon



Walk the smart-casual line like a true gentleman in our updated Brighton II loafers. A versatile staple for any occasion, this sleek Venetian loafer has become an iconic Gordon Rush style, enduring fleeting trends and seasons. 

Product Details
  • Premium Italian Leather Upper
  • Calfskin Liner
  • Leather Welt
  • Padded Collar
  • Twin Gore Upper Construction
  • Blake Stitch Construction
  • Leather outsole

in Italy

A sleek, formal slip-on mounted on a single leather sole. This shoe is crafted in Italy, and the upper is cut from premium, Italian cow hide. The Brighton II balances comfort and sophistication with a soft, padded collar, comfortable gore webbings, and a subtle, rolled-seam toe. The leather outsole is injected with rubber, ensuring a soft, comfortable stride that you’ll want to wear even after quitting time. This style goes best with a cropped suit or khaki pants, but if you opt for a pant with a longer hem, no one will know you’re wearing slip-ons. When it’s time to get them re-soled, the Blake-stitch construction makes the job easy on your cobbler.