Men's Loafers

The slip-on shoe, most Gentleman own, if not desire. It is basically the term for the non-descript shoe… the ‘loafer.’ So where did the loafer originate from?

The loafer dates back to more than a 100 years ago and started in Norway, where Fisherman sported slip-on shoes and they soon became the appropriate footwear. When American and English sportsmen visited, it became the traditional souvenir to take home, thus becoming the ‘Norwegian look.’ Once hitting the Western shores, the loafer quickly became the shoe Fashion designers and Entrepreneurs turned to for the “comfy look.”

The loafer’s design has developed over time and we have many variations in style, the most popular loafer being the “penny loafer.” Sleek and non-pretentious in it's design, but a strong contender in the game. The penny loafer features a leather strip across the front,  with a cut-out that almost replicas a pocket, hence the name “penny,” deriving from the fact that it could fit a penny inside.

The styling possibilities are endless with the loafer, its versatility allows it to pair with almost everything in your wardrobe. Come Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, the loafer can adapt and deliver in any season. Discover a fresh twist on styling your loafer with our top 3 looks of 2018.

Gordon Rush Otis Cognac Leather Penny Loafer

Instagram influencer @matthewonpoint has got it right pairing his 'Coleman' Cognac with a suit trouser, relaxed shirt, and jacket that embodies a smart but casual look. The blue tones compliment the richness of the tan leather perfectly. The ideal outfit for heading straight from the office to the bar for a Whiskey with the gents.

Gordon Rush Brighton Black Leather Loafer

Suiting works in harmony with a loafer, just be mindful to match the color palette to the shoe. For example, a simple light blue shirt, with a pair of grey trousers suit brown loafers. Brown and black are both super versatile as they are neutral colors not to mention a practical choice for hiding that winter dirt your shoes will collect.

Perhaps opt to remove your socks and channel a look fit for a Sartorial King, whatever the choice, your loafer is bound to meet the occasion.

Opt for less bulky coats that are still warm such as a slimmer peacoat or covert coat. Streamlined and elegant outerwear will balance out your loafer.


Gordon Rush Otis Cognac Leather Loafer


@akiefsheriff has adopted the smart tailoring look with the Coleman Cognac. His choice of color palette complements the loafer perfectly, contrasting warm tones against the coolness of the blue. 

The key in styling your loafer is choosing a style that suits the rest of your look and make sure your trousers are cut to the right length and taper. With these 2 elements mastered you can’t go far wrong.

The loafer is actually one of the most versatile shoes out there. Business, formal or casual, it is a shoe that fits every occasion. What began as a casual and practical slip on has developed to be one of the most iconic shoes out there. 

Just remember when you wear your loafer where it with pride, after all King George VI had a loafer designed especially for him, if it’s good enough for royalty…