How To Dress For Your Winter Vacation

Vacation in the winter? Yes, vacation in the winter. Every hard-working man deserves a break just as much as he deserves good shoes. Skip the cliche summer vacation shtick, it’s not peak travel season, fewer crowds means you can stay in that top hotel you’ve been eyeing up. Hit the reset button and refresh your mind and body.
Dependent on your location you’re going to want to look as good as your vacation scenery. It boils down to the weather and the activities you’re doing. Here are some general guidelines for some truly unique and elegant styles.
MN - Saint Paul, Minnesota 
The Minneapolis-St. Paul area is incredibly diverse from dozens of parks and trails to theatre and dining options. There's an activity to suit everyone. 


@sadeklunique wears a sneaker ideal for wandering the city and discovering the sites. The Tristan, a cool yet comfortable option is styled by Sadek with a pair of jeans, camel mac and shirt to create a casual but smart look. 
LDN - London, United Kingdom
A European hotspot littered with authentic British Pubs and small hideaway bars tucked away in the depths of Soho. Walk along with historic landmarks and get lost on the Underground. If you’re wanting to use up that vacation time in the cooler climates head to Britain’s capital, but don’t forget to bring warmer clothes.
How To Dress For Your Fall Vacation | Maxfield
@blakescott hit the nail on the head with his choice of styling, choosing slim fit dark denim to perfectly compliment his choice of Max. The rustic undertones to this boot pair excellently with darker shades. To go ‘true Brit’ invest in a flap cap, it’s not just reserved for older men.
VA - Norfolk, Virginia 
Full of culture, there's plenty to do and see in Virginia. Norfolk is home to one of the world's largest Naval base, it also has an abundance of museums featuring glass art, paintings, and sculptures. 
@josebarbour_is a man who understands the importance of excellent style and has paired his Arlo Sand Suede Wingtip with jeans and tailoring for a smart yet casual look. The tone of the brogue adds a pop of color and compliments the navy tones perfectly. 
RS - Rosarito, Mexico
When your city gets cold, go somewhere warm, preferably with oceanic views and fast access to Don Julio Real 1942. If you’re the type of man who enjoys the luxuries of white sand beaches and exotic culture then escape to the beaches of Mexico.  
How To Dress For Your Fall Vacation | Oliver
@Cristhian.santoyo maintains his sharp, chic style without stepping into a singlet and shorts. When exploring the city life opt for a crisp short-sleeved shirt. Go for fabrics that are breathable, choose cotton linens. Pair with slim-fit trousers and of course the exceedingly smart OliverInvest in yourself with the threads you wear.
NYC - New York, New York
The city that never sleeps. It especially doesn’t sleep on good fashion either. As a fashion capital, everyone wants to make their mark. 
How To Dress For Your Fall Vacation |
Local New Yorker @chamberszac and friends comprehend true New Yorker style. Unapologetic and refined. Light jackets, good denim, and even better shoes. The world is your oyster in New York, here are 4 men who have tailored their look to their personality with each outfit respectfully mimicking each other.
Stay true to yourself whilst stepping out of your natural habitat, explore new fabrics, prints, and styles, wear shoes that exude your confident self and enjoy your vacation in sheer class and quality.