Meet the Semi Formal & Smart Sneakers of 2018


The quintessence of smart casual footwear.

Once upon a time, it was thought that if a Man of high respect were to wear sneakers to a dinner party, then that Man would be stripped of his credibility as a gentleman and be banished from all future ‘soiree’s’ until the end of time. One day a brave little trendsetter stepped forth with such a pristine look that it changed men’s fashion forever…

That look - the semi-formal, smart sneaker.

It’s a Man’s responsibility to make sure that his sneakers are in fashion and aren’t that pair his mom bought him for his first day as a high school freshman. Stop being sentimental, let them go. It’s time. Sophistication, style, and class are no longer reserved for formal and business events. Extend your fashion eye and explore what it truly means to be a man who knows how to dress for both leisure and the semi-formal occasion. This look needs to be completed with utter finesse, lucky for you we’re going to tell you how. Elevate your sneaker wear and meet the most stylish sneakers of 2018.

It’s the formal footwear your smart-casual attire is missing. A shoe constructed for the Man who knows what he’s doing. The Tristan, it’s reserved for formal pairs, a premium, upscale sneaker which balances comfort and class. The Tristan in cognac and white are the fashion sneakers of 2018. It’s a low-top to look out for.

Mens brown leather trainer


Important meeting? Easy, brogues or a pair of your finest Oxfords, right? Maybe. Unless you work in a bank or law firm then play with a pair of smart sneakers and a two-piece suit. It’s the gradient of dark brown to light brown, accentuated by its featherweight XL extra-light white sole and laces which really lifts this sneaker and places it as the perfect replacement for your brogue, it’s a sneaker that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not.


Go for the low-tops, like these, never high tops, you don’t want to look like you did in freshman year (the high-top/tuxedo combo is upsetting for everyone). Also, don’t go too formal with your choice of suit or shirt, you might look like you misplaced your brogues.

Opt for a well-fitted blazer and slacks, a crisp shirt (tie free of course) topped with a thin sweater. Play with your colors. The soft brown tones are flexible in color pairings, try to steer clear of the black/brown combo, it can be questionable at times. You’ll be in absolute comfort as the Tristan sneaker is fitted with a padded collar for additional ankle support, it’s both athletic and graceful and will finish your look from head to toe.

Mens premium white leather sneakers


A sneaker for the modern professional on the go. You have rooftop drinks after work, but no time to go home and change. What do you do? You wear your pristine Tristan’s in white. These are the perfect formal sneaker able to transition seamlessly from day to evening events. The soft off-white hue of the leather emphasizes the brilliant whiteness of the sole and laces, a demonstration of the well-thought-out design of the Tristan. This isn’t just ‘another white sneaker’, and it’s more smart-casual than it’s semi-formal brother in cognac yet still holds itself in grace and esteem, it’s the essence of what it means to look good.


Opt for a light-weight grey or navy suit and patterned t-shirt for a dash of creativity or color, we’d suggest thin, horizontal stripes, the color is up to you. The relaxed colors simply say you know how to dress for the seasons, and nothing says spring or summer like a pair of new white sneakers.

Note - How to clean: It’s important to keep your white sneakers clean, there’s nothing worse than noticing a black smudge on your new whites whilst talking to the enabler of your next promotion.

  1. Only use the washing machine for your laces, if the whole sneaker goes in then you’re at risk of damaging the leather. If you do do this then you aren’t worthy of such craftsmanship.

  2. If you carry a bag then invest in baby wipes to get rid of any unsightly smudges or marks when you’re on the go...if you don’t carry a bag, make friends with someone who does and slip your wipes in there, it’s morally questionable and might raise eyebrows but it’s for the greater good of the Tristan in white.

  3. Getting your sneakers coated by a shoe care professional will give your sneaker a little more life and protection. It’ll repel liquid and protects from scuff marks whilst maintaining the white.

  4. Use scrubbing brushes on rubber sole sneakers with an all-purpose cleaner…

note: be careful not to transfer onto the leather, it could be detrimental to the material.

The Tristan in both cognac and white are perfect for those events where you maybe wanted to wear a nice two-piece suit but a brogue or Oxford just seemed a little over-the-top. The Tristan’s are an everyday wear that retains an air of nonchalant refinement even in the most unrefined situations.