The Essential AW 2018 Business Shoe

We’ve all been there, that moment when you find yourself ‘Sophie’s Choice-ing’ it when choosing this seasons new sneakers or updating your business shoe collection. It’s important to have the option to mix your outfit each day, playing with colors and styles will give you the boost you need in the morning when business days are a little slower than usual. It’s simply bad form to regurgitate those once pristine oxfords on a day in day out basis. Whisper a fond adieu to the shoes you bought when you got your first internship.
Important to have styles that will up your game - If you’re a novice to the dress shoe or you’re looking for the final addition to your collection, then discover our choices for the professional shoe every businessman should own...
A right of passage for all businessmen. The foundation of your formalwear attire. A shoe no man should turn his nose at. It’s how you pair it that counts, mix up with tasteful autumn, winter tones.
Mens Black Leather Oxford | Business Shoe 2018
Dillon -
Exemplary of a shoe with esteem. This is how to challenge the status quo of the oxford, opt for the bourbon tone and watch your wardrobe reach its full potential. It’s a versatile shoe which can be paired with deeper colors of blues and greys.


Oliver | Mens Black Leather Oxford | Business Shoe 2018

Oliver -
Stand out with this particular oxford design. The Oliver in black is a dignified, contemporary upgrade of a timeless classic. The leather outsole gives the shoe the perfect edge if you’re looking to be a little different, yet professional. It’s the perfect business casual attire and will follow you effortlessly into any season you so please.


Corbett | Men Brown Leather Double Monkstrap | Business Shoe 2018

Corbett -
A must have for any true gentlemen craving a life beyond the typical brown dress shoe. Challenge business shoe norms and trade the laces for the straps. The Corbett, a monk strap favorite, gives you the versatility that every man needs when jumping between meetings and evening drinks. Turn up to the office with a laceless look.
Available in cognac or black.

Otis | Mens Brown Suede Loafer | Business Shoe 2018

Otis -
A step in a new direction. True sartorial elegance, the loafer, the perfect transition from formal to casual that men across the board are adopting. It’s a look we can get behind. The Otis provides the versatility every man needs in his wardrobe. If you want an easy changeover from weekday to weekend then opt for the Otis in dark brown suede.   
Available in cognac and dark brown suede

Percy | Mens Brown Leather Wingtip Derby | Business Shoe 2018

Percy -
An embellished wingtip that articulates grace, class and style. Business or casual, it’s a perfect shoe for the AW.

Bryce | White Leather Wingtip Brogue | Mens Business Shoe 2018

Bryce -
A contemporary take on the Derby, a stand-out style, unapologetic and for the fearless. This brogue exudes confidence to the wearer, it’s a soft-hued lace up to stir up envy. The brogue detail is the ultimate game-changer to your wardrobe.
Arlo | Mens Brown Suede Wingtip Brogue | Business Shoe 2018

Arlo -
Italian suede never looked so good. A shoe made with absolute craftsmanship. Like it’s navy brother, the Fletcher, the rubber blend sole provides that day-long comfort, making those commutes a little comfier.
Dress Boots
The dress boot is the perfect bridge between the casual and formal gap. Each boot is crafted from calf-skin leather elevating its status from the pebbly, grainy boot we see on the feet of men in plaid-shirts and top-knots (you know who you are).

Max  -
The Max epitomizes the rugged-yet-refined style of the modern man. Made work-appropriate with its broguing detail. It’s a boot refined enough for business.
Available in black and cognac

The Chukka boot, a no-fuss boot. It’s leather storm welt and Margom rubber outsole is a strong choice for those who like to be comfortable in style. It’s easy-going and blends the realm of smart-casual and formal perfectly. The Wesley is perfect for those who want to play with their materials.
Available in navy, tan, and dark taupe.

Jordan -
A sophisticated addition to your footwear collection, the Chelsea boot has forever been a sleek, elegant choice for men. A boot that will transition from office to weekend. Opt for black leather for the smarter office look and sand for the weekend.
Tristan | White Leather Semi Formal Sneaker | Business Shoe 2018

Tristan -
‘Casual Friday’ does not call for your shabby-chic Stan Smiths and baggy cargo pants. It calls for a step down from your suit, not from style or class. Enter the Tristan, a perfect smart-casual detail to your wardrobe, minimalist design, in high-quality leather.
It’s the 21st century, business etiquette lines have become blurred in terms of fashion, the classic attire has been reserved for boardroom meetings, and slip-on brogues, smart trainers and boots have found their way into business environments. It’s how you wear them is what counts. So, step into the autumn, winter seasons the right way with Gordon Rush.