Color: dark brown



With tradition and fashion savoir both on the balance sheet, these sleds sit well with anything from chinos to jeans and even shorts. Paired with patterned socks for a classic prep look or worn with ankles exposed, the Otis Loafer seals the deal, every time.

Product Details
  • Premium Goat suede Upper
  • Apron Toe rolled seam detail
  • Calfskin Liner
  • Blake stitch construction
  • Leather outsole

in Italy

A sleek, chisel toe penny loafer mounted on a single leather outsole. This shoe is crafted in Italy, and the upper is cut from premium goat suede. When you’re designing a men’s loafer, the object is to elongate the form of the leg from the pant, making the wearer look taller. We achieve that here with a high, masculine vamp, slim penny strap, and a clean finished toe detail that draws the eye up from the smooth, round toe box. This shoe demands a slim, tailored pant. Dark jeans are going to look great, ideally raw indigo, or something with a subtle, high-contrast wash—but this style is really going to shine with a dark, tailored suit. When it’s time to get them re-soled, the Blake-stitch construction makes the job easy on your cobbler.